Vetio expands its FlavorPal™ line with new palatants to address changing market needs in Animal Health

St. Louis, MO (August 30, 2021) – Vetio is excited to announce the introduction of several new palatants under its FlavorPal™ brand for use in solid dose veterinary drugs and supplements. The new line includes palatants of non-animal origin and allergen free flavoring options. Vetio has a deep understanding of palatability with over 20 years of experience developing drugs and supplements for the animal health industry. In addition to the direct flavoring agents, Vetio can implement complex taste masking of bitter APIs using a variety of processing technologies. Vetio can also create customized palatant systems to meet your finished product needs.

Dr. Joanna Rossi, Director of Product Development at Vetio, stated “Vetio recognizes the importance of a highly palatable flavoring system in the formulation of solid oral dosage forms to animals. The development of drug products which are palatable and mask the unpleasant taste of some active pharmaceutical ingredients or excipients will greatly enhance the acceptance of the finished product. The launch of these new flavors will provide more flexibility in flavor selection during product development.”

Mike Smith, VP Business Development at Vetio, added “Vetio is prepared to assist customers with the matching of existing palatants for cost savings, and has complete in-house analytical capabilities to ensure successful excipient replacements.” A Vetio sponsored clinical study showed that the new FlavorPal™ Beef B1251 exceeded the current market leading beef flavor in acceptance of placebo tablets and proved the effectiveness of FlavorPal™ Beef NA1271 as a non-animal alternative as the most readily accepted placebo soft chew test item. All Vetio palatants are manufactured in an FDA registered facility approved for veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Smith continued, “With these new developments, Vetio furthers our offerings as a total solutions partner in solid dose drug and supplement development and manufacturing.”

Contact Vetio or visit our website for specifics on the full line of FlavorPal™ palatants.

About Vetio

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