Turnkey manufacturing includes: compounding, granulation, compression, coating, and bulk or finished packaging.

  • Chewable
  • Compressed
  • Sugar, film, and multilayer coating
  • Single or multi API

Soft Chews

Precise development and manufacturing that leverages patent pending technology allows for API delivery in a highly palatable soft chew product.

  • Excellent dissolution profile
  • Long shelf life
  • Water-free formulation and process
  • Highly palatable
  • Single or multi API
More on palatability

Non-Sterile Liquids

Vetio offers a variety of non-sterile liquid manufacturing capabilities.

  • Emulsions and suspensions
  • Liquid supplements
  • Oral care
  • Spot-Ons
  • Bulk and finished packaging

Dermatology Topicals

Vetio is the largest manufacturer of dermatology liquid products for companion animals, with a vast array of formula and finished package options for medicated and non-medicated topical products:

  • Antibacterials/antifungal
  • Anti-seborrheic/anti-itch
  • Flea and tick control
  • Keratolytics
  • Grooming

Our dermatological products are available in a variety of formats:

  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Wipes and pads
  • Otics, flushes, and rinses
  • Creams, lotions, and gels
  • Sprays and mousses

No matter where your product is in the manufacturing cycle—clinical trials, stability testing, or scaling up to meet consumer demand—Vetio is your partner for actualized efficiency and consistency as you scale-up your production and batch sizes.

How can we help you?

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