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Whether you are looking for a development partner for a new veterinary Rx drug, an OTC product line extension, or a technical transfer of an existing product, Vetio is your mindful and meticulous contract development partner as you bring your animal health solutions to life.

For over 25 years, Vetio has expanded its capabilities serving global customers in Animal Health. Contact us today to immediately be put in touch with a representative who will guide you through your product’s development process.


To ensure the most stable drug dosage, our scientists design experiments that are specific to the drug’s physical and chemical properties and characteristics. Each member of our pre-formulation team has an average of 15 years of pharmaceutical development experience assisting our partners with:

  • Identifying and using the correct API form (amorphous or crystalline)
  • Verifying the non-aqueous and pH-dependent aqueous solubility
  • Evaluating the physicochemical properties of the selected API form
  • Determining the partition coefficient
  • Testing compatibility of the selected API form with potential excipients


Vetio has a proven track record in delivering consistent and desired API dosages through robust and stable client drug product formulations. Since 1989, our scientists have been supporting investigational new drug applications (IND) and approved new animal drug applications (NADA/ANADA) for a number of major animal health providers.

Our formulations are actualized in a number of dosage forms, including:

  • Development of discriminating dissolution methods
  • Gauging the dissolution profile and API behavior in the desired dosage form
  • Assessing the selected API’s thermal stability in the desired dosage form
  • Specialized novel drug delivery forms for companion animals (including taste-masked coated granules, bi- or tri-particulate drug products, and more)

Our expert formulators move your pilot batches past raw material compatibility and development milestones in order to prepare for technology transfer and scale-up batches.


We understand the challenges of acceptability and compliance in companion animal drug products. Drug products developed with our FlavorPAL palatant system continuously demonstrate voluntary acceptance in clinic and field studies.

  • FlavorPAL palatant systems optimize acceptance for canine and feline drug products
  • Veterinary Master File (VMF) available at FDA
  • Taste masking technology includes polymer coating

Analytical development

Vetio is fully equipped to develop and validate analytical methods for determination of assay, dissolution, and related substances in various drug products. Our analytical team is skilled and experienced in pharmaceutical analysis, supporting our clients with their method development needs. The team’s responsiveness and knowhow is unparalleled in North America.

Method validation for determination of drug substances and products is conducted at our Canada facility in a fully GLP compliant laboratory setting that adheres to ICH’s “Gold Standard,” as dictated in its Guidelines for Validation Procedures (Q2B).

Clinical Trial Materials

We support you throughout this critical step by supplying clinical trial materials and analytical services.

  • Manufacturing of test articles
  • Analytical testing
  • Stability storage

When your product is ready to scale up to commercial manufacturing, Vetio is your turnkey partner to actualize your product quickly and efficiently.

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